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November 2019

There is a huge difference in the way that we work out in our 20s versus how we should be working out in later decades. That high-intensity Crossfit routine might not suit you as well at 35 as it does at 25, though. Turning 30 means a lot of things, including that your fitness needs are changing. Here are some fitness tips to make the most of your fitness and health in your fourth decade:

Excuses are like opinions-- everyone has them. In the decades since fitness classes and gym workouts have become commonplace, trainers and fitness coaches have heard it all. Making excuses is easier than making an effort, after all, and we’re only human. When life gets hard, the gym usually gets put on the back burner. Here are some common gym excuses and how you can help yourself avoid them.

Opinions on fitness topics are like smartphones: just about everyone has one, and most people are going to think theirs is better or more valuable than someone else’s. When it comes to workout times, everyone will tell you why they think their morning, evening, or midday workout routine is the right choice. Which, though, is actually best for your body and for getting the results that you want?